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The death of a spouse is a natural part of our human experiences. Yet, the challenge of living without the person we hoped to spend our future lives with is devastating. It is heart breaking and life altering. We find ourselves trying to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives. These pieces might include our identity, financial stability, future plans, human touch, emotional support, memories or a co-parent. Although the journey into grief for widows is a preciously intimate experience, something magical happens when we come together in our healing.  

At Sunrise Retreats, we are building a community that honors the sacred grief journey and also supports the discovery of life after loss. We believe that when we have found enough of our own strength, we can reach out with our hearts and hands to support others as they 

begin to pick up the pieces and create new life.  

Our retreats are a place for you to find connections, deep understandings, and guidance.  

But, most of all - hope.  As we honor the past, we bring awareness to the present and begin to

 rediscover a new vision of the future.  


Sunrise Retreats

Together we share in our common humanity: 

finding compassion, strength, wisdom, courage, and inspiration to keep living through the fullness of life after loss.

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