Sunrise Retreats



Allow yourself to be nourished by the surrounding beauty of our Idaho mountains near McCall, Idaho.  During this weekend retreat, you will have an opportunity to connect with other widows, enjoy some quiet time, have a massage in the afternoon, let your creativity sooth the soul and discover ways to create new life. 

Replenish, rejuvenate and re-ignite your whole self while honoring the widow journey.   

Retreat begins at 1:00 on Friday and you will depart Sunday at 12:00.

Plan on a 1.5 to 2-hour drive from Boise.  

What to expect


Upon arrival Friday afternoon, you will be greeted by our staff, taken to your shared room, meet the other participants (our retreats are not co-ed), and have some time to relax.   After you have settled in, take some time to breathe in the fresh mountain air, read a book by the creekside, or receive a relaxing one hour massage with Jen (depending on when your massage is scheduled). As we settle into a slower pace, we will gather around the back patio table to begin introducing ourselves to each other and begin our weekend together. 

The smell of dinner begins to linger as we find ourselves connecting with each other and sinking into the gentle flow of a magical weekend. The art supplies make their debut with Jenise after dinner until the sun begins to set and we retire to our circle of new friends.  

Please remember: what is shared at retreat, stays at retreat! 

We have an exciting day on Saturday, so off to bed, we go by 10:00 pm. Although we’ve heard giggles and snores…it all depends on what you need! We’ve had some attendees head to bed by 8. It truly is a weekend for you to replenish, rejuvenate and re-ignite.  

Oh yes, there is CHOCOLATE! 

Greet the next morning with our gentle Sunrise yoga on the outside patio with Michelle. Not to worry, there is time for a cup of coffee, a massage or a stroll before we begin! After yoga, we have an amazing breakfast to replenish our bodies, which prepares us to take part in the adventures of the day. Our outdoor adventures can’t be put into words, except that nature has a very unique way of supporting our healing.   

Later that day, there are more previously scheduled massages. There will also be more free time to write in journals, take a nap, work on art or visit with your new best friends! Dinner calls us back to the family table followed by more art and night-time discussions. 

Did we say there was CHOCOLATE? 

On Sunday, we gently stretch during Sunrise yoga as we greet another day together. Grab your tea or coffee as we wrap up our artwork before enjoying one more brunch meal together. Finally, the closing ceremonies- well, we need to leave something for your imagination. 

You can expect to leave the retreat mid-day. As you drive away, we’ve been told there is a feeling of hope, connection, and renewed energy. 

Join us in discovering your next stepping stone and springboard of hope!