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Is there a time frame on my grief experience in order to register for the widows retreat?

Grief has no time frame.  

We've had widows attend three weeks after the funeral as well as  20 years later. 

Is the retreat co-ed?

Our retreats are not co-ed.  We have separate retreats for widows and another one for widowers.

Can I bring a family member to the widow/widowers retreat?

This retreat is designed especially for the widow/widower only.  In the future there may be retreats for other family members.  

We do have community partners that offer camps for children who have lost a family member.  

Do you offer scholarships?

Absolutely!  Please reach out to us to discuss payment options and scholarship opportunities.

Accommodation Options

Currently, our retreats are double occupancy.  However, please let us know if you need private sleeping accommodations.  We will do our best.  As we expand our options, we look forward to offering a variety of lodging/sleeping arrangements.  

Physical Activity Considerations

Our retreats include many physical activities.  For example, we may paddle board, white water raft or go fly fishing.  It is intended to be a group activity experience.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!